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Ez Surplus Listings – your trusted packaging supply distributor

Various types of packaging are used daily in different spheres of human life. On our platform, you will find the one that suits your needs depending on the planned activities: tapes, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and more. We understand that the quality of packaging supply is important for protecting goods and items that are about to be shipped somewhere and provide a wide variety of choices to choose from.

The benefits of buying container & packaging supply online

Some of these benefits are typical for any online store, but we’re not one of those. Ez Surplus Listings is a place where other distributors can sell their excess goods and manage unwanted overstocks. For buyers, on the other hand, it opens even more opportunities, including:

• access to a wider assortment in comparison with regular sites that are often limited in space

• easy navigation between the categories with listed ads

• possibility to get packaging and supply at very affordable prices.

It should be noted that companies that sell items on our platform want to empty their warehouses quickly. That is why their listings usually have lower price tags.

When packaging supply wholesale is an option

Wholesale buying is always good for saving money, and with Ez Surplus Listings, you can maximize your savings. Big companies always control the product flow and sometimes have to deal with excess merchandise. Traditional sales don’t work when it is needed to empty old stocks fast, but we can help! Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you can take advantage of the situation. It is a win-win scenario for all parties.

For more information, please contact us via email info@ezsurpluslistings.com or call the hotline number (770)780-9187 to speak with our managers. You can also use the online form on our website to get all your questions answered. We will reply as soon as possible in business hours from Monday to Saturday.