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Machine shop tools and machinery at prices that suit all budgets

To run your machinery business smoothly, you need serviceable equipment and skillful technicians to work on your site. The essential tools can cost you a pretty penny, especially if you’ve recently started your business. That is why you might be interested in finding a place where you can buy machine tools at prices that won’t drain your budget.

Here at Ez Surplus Listings, we aim to help both - the manufacturers who have excess inventory they want to liquidate, and shoppers who want to buy machine tools and machinery at a reasonable price.

Enjoy our great selection of machine tools and machinery for sale

We have several types of machine tools that you can use at your job site:

 CNC machines: Use these devices for machining tools and 3D printers. This will help you to process materials into the final products who envision.

 EDMs: These machines are used to achieve the desired shape of your materials using electrical discharges.

 Hydraulics and pneumatic equipment: This kind of equipment is used to perform numerous machining operations, including hydraulic presses, packing machines, construction vehicles, and so on)

 Lathes: Use these machine shop tools for cutting, sanding, drilling, and other critical manufacturing tasks.

 Presses: Here at Ez Surplus Listings platform, you can get a variety of presses, including punch, screw, and streaming. Use them to punch holes or shape and cut metal into the desired form.

 Metalworking machinery and equipment: Our company has a variety of metalworking devices in our inventory, and our listings are updated every day.

Buy and sell machinery online at Ez Surplus Listings

We allow companies to buy machine tools and machinery at discount prices, but it lets distributors and manufacturers sell surplus equipment that they no longer need. If you have tools that you are looking to sell, or if you want to buy something at an affordable price, fill out the online form on our website or get in touch with our customer support representatives. We’re always ready to assist you with any of your queries and help you to get your workshop operating smoothly.