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How to Buy

With EzSurplusListings, it's easy to buy and sell!

  1. Navigate your browser to the proper category (used the left hand & home menus).
  2. Find the containers, racks, or surplus items you are interested in, and fill out the form at the bottom of the item page. If you are a site member, the form is filled out automatically for you. If you DO NOT find the storage containers online that you are looking for, you can post a free want ad after creating an account.
  3. EzSurplusListings then goes to work. We confirm availability, quote freight, and communicate with you via phone and / or email to setup a transaction.
  4. Payments are made in advance to EzSurplusListings. We accept the following forms of payments: wire transfers, ACH transfers, credit cards (a 2.5% service fee will apply), and company checks.
  5. When you buy used shipping containers, the items are shipped from the seller.
  6. You confirm receipt and state that you are happy with the shipment. Your payment remains with EzSurplusListings as neutral, 3rd party, until we have confirmed the shipment.
  7. We forward payment to the seller.

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Answers.

Video Tutorial

The Buying Process Video - Buying used shipping containers with us is easy! This video details the flow of communication and money that takes place in order to purchase items through EzSurplusListings.