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Reliable marketplace for companies offering heavy equipment transport solutions

Regardless of whether you want to expand your business and purchase affordable heavy equipment or shut down the company and get at least some investment back by selling items or inventory, using trustworthy platform for that goal is the best idea. This way, you’ll be saved from all the hassle and risks associated with the transaction. Your item will be properly promoted, and all the details of the deal will be taken care of. When your company provides manual transportation of heavy equipment, it means that the gear you’re using might wear out at any time. Fortunately, here at Ez Surplus Listings, we always have a solution. With us, you can get a lot of options for your business needs.

Ez Surplus Listings is your one-stop platform to liquidate unused heavy equipment at a competitive price

Liquidating your excess inventory and items that are no longer needed can be quite a challenging task. It might take you weeks if not months to post ads on every single platform and communicate directly with the buyers. However, with Ez Surplus Listings, things are different. Every step of the entire process of selling and buying anything you need is handled with care by our professional staff.

Rely on us to buy or sell transportation equipment and turn the following to your advantage:

 Free services: we provide our services free of charge with no hidden fees

 Trustworthy: we are a mediator between the parties involved in the transaction; therefore we make sure to handle all the details and provide a safe transaction

 Quick deals: our nationwide promotion will help companies to liquidate their heavy equipment units with the best marketing options.

Whether you want to get rid of the unnecessary equipment or buy a used one for your workplace, do not hesitate to send us a request using online form presented on a website or get in touch with our customer support representatives by giving us a call at (770)780-9187.